Alaska Short Stories and Articles
The following are short stories that I wrote about my travels, painting on location in Alaska, and
my feelings about personal subjects.  Click on the title to open the page and read the whole
story.  You may copy them for personal use, however if you want to publish one of my short
stories and photos, please e-mail me for permission.  Thank you, Dianne Roberson
Click on each story title to read the whole story.
In this story, I drove to Homer,
Alaska in October of 1996 and
chartered a boat to go halibut
After camping in the
wilderness of
Alaska for
weeks, I write of the wild
life in
This is a story about chasing the
northern lights in December on a
drive to
Valdez, Alaska.
Painting on location in
Alaska is self reflecting in
this story.
"Untamed Rhythms"
This is just a simple tale of daily life
Alaska.  The Arctic with its'
wildlife makes moose
painting easy.
Events in this Alaskan
adventure happened in the
early 1995, names and places
have been altered for privacy.
The shock of returning to the lower
forty-eight for a visit after working in
Alaska many years is a humorous
"Names The Same"
Alaskan Glaciers, Alaskan
,  new friends with my same
name and a whole town living in
one big building made an odd trip.
Knik Glacier is a few miles from
my studio up the Knik River in the
Matanuska Valley.  I go by airboat
since there no roads to this glacier.
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