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"Rocky Refuge"
Stock #  PDC 005
"Reindeer Approaching"
Stock # PDC 015
"Curious Elk"
Stock # PDC 014
"Shallow Water"
Stock # PDC 003
Stock #  PDC 224
"Pioneer Peak Musk Ox"
Stock # PDC 011
"Wandering Ways"
Stock # PDC 045
"Valley Autumn"
Stock # PDC 041
"Sleeping Elk"
Stock # PDC 004
"Anchorage Autumn Walk"
Stock # PDC 031
"Wasilla Autumn lake"
Stock # PDC 042
"Lovely  Day"
Stock # PDC 021
"Rainbow Trail"
Stock # PDC 002
"Jump In"
Stock # PDC 025
"Dominate Elk"
Stock #  PDC 220
"Solo Hunter"
Stock # PDC 050
"Elk Crossing"
Stock # PDC 217
"Wayside Rest"
Stock # PDC 207
"Reindeer Run"
Stock # PDC 215
"Dangerous Zone"
Stock # PDC 208
"Dog Walker"
Stock # PDC 047
"Five  Elk"
Stock # PDC 218
"Misty Dawn"
Stock # PDC 059
Techniques of My  Photography Composites

by Dianne Roberson
I began with a digital print taken with my Olympus E-300 or my E-620 digital camera.  To insure a sharp image that will
enlarge to 40" x 24", I set my camera to Raw format.  Which gives me about 80 images on my camera.  I use a 60 gigabyte
photo iPod to download the images and clear my camera for more images when I am out shooting photos.  I take photos at
this setting of various subjects including the northern lights, mountain ranges, Denali, cloudy sky, rainy weather, trains, boats,
planes, people, animals, public events, street scenes, lakes, glaciers, and season changes.  I keep a file of these images
sorted by subject on my PC and back it up on an external hard drive.  

I began a composite photo by selecting a landscape or sky scene and then selecting a focal point consisting of people, or
animals, or transportation objects that will go well with it.  The focal point is cut out in PhotoShop creating a separate layer.  It
is then sharpened and the edges smoothed with the eraser tool.  Secondary objects for the mid ground are cut out and
inserted in another separate layer.  The background is airbrushed for smooth edges and a color filter at varying degrees of
transparency is added in a separate layer to add distance or give a special weather effect.  Another layer from this color layer
is copied and reversed vertically for the shadows on the ground.   All layers are kept separate and saved as one psi file in
PhotoShop and given a Stock #.  

Then I flatten the image and save it as a Tiff file Test 1 of that Stock #.  Changes are made, as adding more secondary
objects in the mid ground or taking them out, resizing the focal point, or changing the background.  When I am satisfied,  I
save it with all the layers separated at the original size, then save it  flattened as Test 2.  It is important to keep Test 1 saved
so you can experiment endlessly with Test 2 and not worry about ruining the work you did before this point.  Then an 8" x 10"
color print is made from the flattened Test 2 Tiff file .  If I am satisfied, the psi file is flattened at its original size and Tiff files of
40" x 30" down to 10" x 8" are made and saved in a Print file on my PC and the external hard drive back up.  If I am not happy
with the Test 2 print, I go back to the multi layered psi file to make changes.  The large print files are saved on CD and sent to
a commercial printer for
Giclee prints  on a CD or e-mailed one at a time to the printer.  Jpeg files at 70 psi of each Stock #
are made for use on my web sites, demo CDs, e-mailing campaigns, and advertising on the Internet.  

With my digital composites I work in PhotoShop using the various tools to blend the different photos together or create special
effects.  Be careful to combine photos that have been taken with the same camera, at the same size settings, with the same
format (Raw, Tiff, jpeg, pdf, etc.) , and the same season with similar light conditions to get good results.   Read digital art
techniques on my
digital art gallery for more computer painting and digital photo techniques.
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"Boulder Fossile Hunt"
Stock #  PDC 233
"Snow Bird"
Stock #  PDC 228
"Cold Killer"
Stock #  PDC 229
"Alaska Air"
Stock #  PDC 230
"Falling Snow"
Stock #  PDC 239
"Eagle Perch"
Stock # PDC 048
"Hungry Look"
Stock #  PDC 234
"Anchorage Flight"
Stock # PDC 060