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Alaska Autumn
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"Golden Road"
Stock #  PD 014
"Wild Honey"
Stock #  PD 042
"Anchorage Wilderness"
Stock #  PD 017
"Knik River Bridge"
Stock #  PD 009
"Pioneer Peak Alaska Clouds"
Stock #  PD 015
"Wild Journey "
Stock #  PD 433
"Wandering Clouds"
Stock #  PD 023
"Flat Top Mountain Autumn"
Stock #  PD 020
Stock #  PD 434a
"Letting Go"
Stock #  PD 012
"Driving North"
Stock #  PD 018
"Bent Tree"
Stock #  PD 006
"Knik Glacier Distant"
Stock #  PD 011
"Running Water"
Stock #  PD 435
"Cloud Mirror"
Stock #  PD 436
"Late Arrival"
Stock #  PD 003
Alaska Winter
"Imposing Ways"
Stock # PD 411
"Denali Light of Alaska"
Stock # PD 405
"Where Reindeer Gather"
Stock # PD 410
"Gentle Alaska Friends"
Stock # PD 421
"Alaska River Road"
Stock # PD 419
"Delicate Moment"
Stock # PD 409
"Pioneer Peak Ak Below Zero"
Stock #  PD 038
"Alaska Rocky Ledge"
Stock # PD 427
"Alaska Snow Dance"
Stock # PD 423
"Alaska Elk Duo"
Stock # PD 429
"Awesome Beast"
Stock # PD 430
"Winter  Blanket"
Stock # PD 417
"Endless Alaska Vista"
Stock # PD 415
"Frozen Alaska Water Way"
Stock # PD 403
"Anchorage Alaska Winter"
Stock #  PD 440
"Alaska Early Morning Light"
Stock # PD 416
"Alaska Cold Water Pond"
Stock # PD 400        
"Alaska Arctic Horse"
Stock # PD 402
"Alaska Morning Sun"
Stock #  PD  582
"Palmer Alaska Snow Scene"
Stock #  PD 041
"Alaska Brief Day"
Stock #  PD 049
"Shadows in the Alaska Snow"
Stock #  PD 054
"Hatcher Pass View"
Stock #  PD 005
"Alaska Train to Fairbanks"
Stock #  PD 067
"Crystal Afternoon"
Stock #  PD 040
"White Touches Alaska"
Stock # PD 407
Alaska Summer
"Knik Glacier Rock"
Stock #  PD 001
"Muddy Ducks"
Stock #  PD 026
"Rainbow Of Mine"
Stock #  PD 021
Stock #  PD 008
"Knik Glacier Ice Bergs"
Stock #  PD 025
"Musk Ox Alaska Family"
Stock #  PD 432
"Mighty Stand"
Stock #  PD 024
"Velvet Mirror"
Stock #  PD 052
My Digital Photography

by Dianne Roberson
I take these digital photos with an Olympus E-300 or my E-620  digital camera.  I prefer to use a regular lense
because the results are similar to what my eye sees.  If I want a closer view, I just walk up closer to my subject or
zoom in on my computer when editing.  Sometimes this makes for a lot of climbing or getting wet.  I take a tripod
along on my photograph journeys for low light conditions.  I try to travel light so that I can conserve my energy for
the great photo shots.  I do carry a backpack with an extra camera battery and an iPod to download my camera
when the image card gets full.  Shooting in Raw format at a high resolution gives me only eighty images on my two
gigabyte card.  With my sixty gigabyte photo iPod, I can download images from camera for many days, and it is so
much lighter weight than taking along my laptop.  

The photographs in this gallery are all digital.  I have not altered them except for minimal cropping, sizing, and
lighting.  I enjoy taking photos to get out and get close to nature.  After weeks of painting in my studio a journey into
the wilderness is just what I need.  Although, I won't take the time to exercise, I will walk, climb, or run if necessary for
unbelievable distances to get a good photo.  
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"Icy Alaska Ending"
Stock # PD 404
"Golden Fields"
Stock # PD 580
"Knik Glacier Storm"
Stock # PD 002
"Knik Glacier Wild Flowers:
Stock #  PD 515
"Mat_Su Musk Ox"
Stock # WL 011
"Musk Ox Flowers"
Stock # PD 051
"Close Interchanger"
Stock #  PD 434
"Alaska Autumn Rainbow"
Stock #  PD 596
"Alaska Edges"
Stock #  PD 595
"Anchorage Landing"
Stock #  PD 594
"Alaska Blue"
Stock #  PD 593
"Alaska Autumn"
Stock #  PD 592
"Matanuska Glacier Ice"
Stock #  PD 597
"Alaska Preview"
Stock # PD 599
"Alaska Caribou Run"
Stock #PD 537
Alaska Winter Ride"
Stock # PD 510
"5 Elk"
Stock #  PD 608