Title:     "Alaska Elk Duo"

Elk | Palmer, Alaska

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  Photography    |    Color Print on glossy paper

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Size:  14" w by 11" h           $ 35.00            

Description:    A male elk and a female elk standing in the snow.  Elk are a large species of the deer
family. Mature bulls will range in weight from 800 to 1,000 pounds, while cows will weigh 600 to 800
pounds.  Each antler consists of a main beam with long, sharp-pointed prongs (points). The main
beam sweeps outward, upward, and backward. The points point forward. Bulls grow spikes.  An old
bull's antlers may be 5 feet long and weigh 25-40 pounds.
Elk with 10 points per antler have been
observed.  Antlers are bony outgrowths. They develop from and are cemented to two protuberances
called pedicles on top of the skull. While
Elk antlers are growing they are covered by a furry skin
covering called velvet. The growing antlers and the velvet are supplied with oxygen and nutrients by a
network of blood vessels. Growth and hardening of the antlers is completed in late July or August. In
August, increased production of testosterone cuts off the blood supply to the antlers and velvet. The
velvet dies, dries up, and peels away.  

This print is treated with an ultra violent protective coating.  It will be rolled and inserted into a mailing
tube.  I will also insert a sheet with information about this print.  It will be mailed first class by the U.S.
Postal Service and insured.
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