Title:     "Cold Water Pond"

© Alaskan Artist Dianne Roberson

Palmer, Alaska

Stock #  PD 400

Medium:     Photography    |    Color
Print on glossy paper

Size:  20" w by 16" h          $ 45.00                      

Size:  14" w by 11" h           $ 35.00                     

Description:     Snow in the winter around a pond of water that is not frozen.  A couple of winter
phenomena that are not encountered in many other places are ice fog and black ice. Ice fog is
composed of ice crystals suspended in the air, which sometimes happens when it's 40 below, and it's
just as challenging to drive in as any other kind of fog.  Another dramatic winter phenomenon is the
building up of hoarfrost on trees. Because the Palmer  area often has several windless days in a row, a
thick layer of hoarfrost sometimes builds up on exposed surfaces, turning them a frosty white.

This print is treated with an ultra violent protective coating.  It will be rolled and inserted into a mailing
tube.    It will be mailed first class by the U.S. Postal Service and insured.
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