Title:     "Mighty Stand"

© Alaskan Artist Dianne Roberson

Musk Ox | Palmer, Alaska

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Description:  A male musk ox stands firm to threaten all who come near.  Despite their common name,
musk oxen have no musk glands and are not oxen.  An adult bull stands about six feet tall at the
shoulder and weighs up to 1000 lbs.  
Musk Ox have brown shaggy, silky fur. A layer of this qiviut can
protect the animals from temperatures down to 100 degrees F below zero. Both cows and bulls have
horn with pointed curving tips.  The
Musk Ox Farm is unique.  During the tours in the summer you can
see the newborn  calves and mom's romping in beautiful pastures with Pioneer Peak as a backdrop.  
Located just outside of Palmer at Mile 50.1 of the Glenn Highway, this farm is the only place in the world
where these rare and exotic animals are raised domestically on a commercial scale.   
Musk Ox mailing
address is Box 587, Palmer, AK 99645; phone 907-745-4151.    web:

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