Title:     "Danger Zone"

Alaskan Lynx

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Photography    |    Color Print on glossy paper

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Size:  14" w by 11" h           $ 35.00    

Description:     An Alaskan  lynx in the winter snow is almost covered by tree limbs. Lynx are
short-tailed, long-legged wildcats. Though similar in appearance to bobcats, lynx may appear taller
because of their long legs. The weight of lynx is similar to that of bobcat - about 20 to 30 pounds - but
some bobcat males can be considerably bigger. Ear tufts are longer on
lynx, and they have a solid
black-tipped tail, compared to the black-topped, white-bottomed tail on bobcats. Also the lynx's tail is
tawny gray with a black tip, whereas the bobcat's tail has narrow black bands and a black tip.
Lynx are
tawny gray, sometimes with faint spots on their inner legs. Both their gray-brown faces and light gray ear
tufts are edged with black. The cats' large eyes and ears give them excellent sight and hearing.

Like most other cats,
lynx have retractable claws for capturing prey, fighting and climbing. In winter,
their large feet act like snowshoes, enabling the cats to walk easily on the surface of deep snow. Dense,
coarse hair that grows on their paws in winter also increases the snowshoe effect and helps keep their
feet warm.

This print is treated with an ultra violent protective coating.  It will be rolled and inserted into a mailing
tube.   It will be mailed first class by the U.S. Postal Service and insured.
Art World Plus  |  Artist Dianne Roberson

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