Title:     "Wayside Rest"

Female Moose | Palmer, Alaska

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Photography    |    Color Print on glossy paper

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Description:     A female moose rest in the winter snow near Palmer, Alaska. Moose are tall,
long-legged and heavy-bodied animals. They stand six to seven feet tall at the withers and can rest or
sleep standing upright.  On average, males, also called bulls, weigh around 1400 pounds, and
females, called cows, weigh around 950 pounds.  Distinguishing physical characteristics include large,
widely spaced ears, a large drooping nose with prehensile muzzle, a "bell" or dewlap on the throat,
and a small tail.  The subspecies found in Alaska, the tundra moose (Alces alces gigas).  Moose
depend more on their acute senses of hearing and smell to detect activity around them then they do
on their vision. They exhibit monoscopic vision that necessitates bodily compensation (moving of the
head and rolling the eyes) to assess objects at close range.  Antlers play a key role in visual signaling
in moose, over long distances and in open landscape, antlers can very effectively reflect light,
especially when their velvet is shed in the fall.

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