Title:     "Pioneer Peak Alaska-Musk Ox"

© Alaska Artist Dianne Roberson

Musk Ox | Palmer, Alaska

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Description:    Musk Ox male near Palmer, Alaska with Pioneer Peak in the background.  Palmer is home to
musk oxen whose underwool (qiviut) is knitted into garments by Alaska Native women from 12 rural
villages. An adult
musk ox bull stands about six feet tall at the shoulder and weighs up to 1000 lbs.  Both
cows and bulls have horn with pointed curving tips. The bulls have thick and well developed bosses which
serve to protect their skull during the head smashing that occurs during dominance fights and fall rut. The
horn boss can be up to four inches thick and as much as a foot wide on adult males.  The soft underfur of
the Oomingmak is used by native people to create many knitted items. They use the fur of them muskox
because it is one of the warmest furs known to man. Native people call this underfur "Qiviut". It is eight times
warmer than wool and it is lighter than cashmere.    web:

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