Title:     "Rocky Refuge"

©  Alaska Artist Dianne Roberson

Dall Sheep | Anchorage Alaska

Stock #  PDC 005

 Photography    |      Color Print on glossy paper

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Description:     Dall Sheep rest in the autumn sun in Alaska.   Male Dall sheep are called rams.
They are distinguished by massive curling horns. The females, called ewes, have shorter, more
slender, slightly curved horns.  
Dall sheep are usually less than 300 pounds (136 kg) for rams and
150 pounds (68.1 kg) for ewes).  
Dall Sheep inhabit the mountain ranges of Alaska. They are
found in relatively dry country and frequent a combination of open alpine ridges, meadows, and
steep rocky slopes with extremely rugged terrain. They use the ridges, meadows, and steep slopes
for feeding and resting. When danger approaches they flee to the rocks and crags to elude
Dall sheep are  high country animals but sometimes occur in rocky gorges below
timberline in Alaska.

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