Title:     "Alaska Aurora Caribou Herd"

© Alaska Artist Dianne Roberson

Caribou | Northern Lights | Alaska

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Description:    Caribou  with the Northern Lights in the sky.  Also know as the Aurora Borealis, these lights are best
viewed in the cold dark winter months in

Caribou are large, wild, elk-like animals which can be found above the tree-line in arctic North America. Caribou
cows and bulls both grow distinctive antlers and bull antlers can reach 4 feet in width!  Alaskan caribou are
clove-brown with a white neck and rump.  A
Caribou calf can run within 90 minutes of its birth. It must do this to
keep up with the migrating herds.  
Caribou have unique hairs which trap air providing them with excellent
insulation. These hairs also help keep them buoyant in the water. They are very strong swimmers and can move
across wide rushing rivers and even the frozen ice of the Arctic Ocean!

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Alaskan Art by Alaskan Artist Dianne Roberson
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