Title:     "Alaska Radiant Twists Aurora"

© Alaska Artist Dianne Roberson

The Northern Lights | Alaska        

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A caribou under the norther lights.  The Northern Lights, also know as the Aurora Borealis, these lights are best viewed in the
cold dark winter months in Alaska.

Caribou are large, wild, elk-like animals which can be found above the tree-line in arctic North America. Caribou cows and bulls
both grow distinctive antlers and bull antlers can reach 4 feet in width!  Alaskan caribou are clove-brown with a white neck and
rump.  A
Caribou calf can run within 90 minutes of its birth. It must do this to keep up with the migrating herds.  Caribou have
unique hairs which trap air providing them with excellent insulation. These hairs also help keep them buoyant in the water. They
are very strong swimmers and can move across wide rushing rivers and even the frozen ice of the Arctic Ocean!

Northern Lights

Also know as the Aurora Borealis, these lights are best viewed in the cold dark winter months.  The beautiful blaze of the
Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, begins when energetic electrically charged particles accelerate along the magnetic field
lines into the upper atmosphere, where they collide with gas atoms, causing the atoms to give off light. The air lights up rather
like what happens in a fluorescent light tube.  The colors reflect gases, the most usual yellow-green color coming from oxygen.
Red coloring is also due to oxygen with a contribution from nitrogen and violet is due to nitrogen. The charged particles originate
from the sun, and it is the “weather” conditions on the sun that decide whether or not we will see the aurora.


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