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Lisa and Dan (Treenotch)
Autumn colors are awesome in  Alaska this month.  Here is the wood bridge over the deep mud.
Boulder, Alaska

September 26,  2014
Boulder, Alaska

The Puriton Creek turnout is fine for overnight camping but can be hard to turn around in with a trailer. We meet at the large open parking area at the top of the hill past Puriton creek.  The parking area
next to the Glenn highway at mile 92 at the top of the hill.  GPS coordinates for the large parking area next to the highway are: 61-48.3 and 148-05.2    It is just past the MP90 marker a short distance.
Someone built a wood bridge over the BOG  :)   It sure is easier to ride on than wincing through the bog. Go up the trail get to bog turn left go a short way and there it is.  Who ever it was THANK YOU

The trailhead is almost 100 miles from Anchorage, so allow plenty of time to get there.  The trail starts off as a relatively long and moderately steep climb.  At the top of the hill there is normally a nasty
swamp, but now we have the wood bridge, it is history!   From there, it's about 6 miles of mostly ridge line trail (a few moderate hills, gravel and rock trail, some puddles), before dropping into a wide river
valley.   We then stay in the river valley for about 12 miles flat of gravel bar riding, with a lot of braided channel crossings.  We typically have lunch at the base of a very tall waterfall.  We then usually
retrace our steps to return to our vehicles.  All-told, it's about 40 miles of round trip riding and it was a real challenge to day due to all the rain we have had.  My tire mishap was a mess in the mud.  So
glad I had a spar tire with me.
Me (Dianne or as the riders call me OUTLAW)
Lisa and Teri are picking blue berries.
Wayne in his RZR
Wayne and Rich
This is why I don't ride alone to often.
Muddy Daisy
Dianne, Treenotch. Lisa, AkGrizz, Wayne, Larry and Teri