Eureka Trails

July 20 and 21,  2013
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Hulaman 2000 on Eureka Trails  - July 20, 2013
OUTLAW - Dianne
Although this trail looks wet and muddy this is the driest the trails have been in Eureka in a couple of years.
Dianne, Jack and Duke with Daisy hiding
We waited until about 1:30pm when the rain stopped to leave the trailhead.
hulaman200 in his RZR
AKBAWANA - Brenda, Cody  and Vick
After trip report:

Eureka Trip Report for Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21, 2013  -  We arrived at the Eureka trail head in miserable weather and decided to wait for the rain to ease up.  About
1:30pm it stopped raining and we headed out riding to 4 corners, then to Monument in sunshine.  Riders were akgrizz and Kathy Benson, sr12345, Joyce, Amanda, Jack Robbins and
Willow, outlaw with Daisy and Duke, hulaman200, Emily and friend.  Some of us continued on to ride a loop around the lakes.  Although the trail was very muddy it was drier than last
year.  We had no problems, no one got stuck.  We rode for many miles in sun shine and got back to the trailhead about 8pm.  Sunday was sunny and warm.  We rode around the lake
and back to 4 corners, then did some exploring around the trails around the campground letting Jake get some experience on his child size RZR.  Monday was sunny and warm, Since I
was alone, I rode the trails close by and let Daisy and Duke play at the lake again.  


Distance from ER:
About 100 miles. Around Glenn Hwy mile 131.

1 mile past the Eureka Lodge is the gravel pits parking area and the trailhead, unrestricted.  There is lots of room there for big or small rigs. No restrooms or water available.

Trail: Extensive network, all above tree line. Common ride is to go to "4-corners", "Monument", and then down to the Little Nelchina River. About 12 miles each way. Moderate trail,
some deep puddles. Descent from Monument to Little Nel is steep. Crossing the Little Nel can be difficult, depending on recent rains.  Scenery: High-alpine, great vistas.
There are a number of water holes along the trail with numerous muddy bypass routes around them. The best way through for most ATVs is just to go straight through the middle of the
water. None of them are too deep and the bottoms are generally fairly hard. The back side of monument has some pretty steep grades near the bottom end. Not a good place to be
stuck with an overheated engine. Take advantage of the river at the bottom to wash out your radiator real good before climbing the mountain. The river (Little Nelchina) is usually
crossable in water height but has a swift current which is the limiting factor. Try to cross at a slightly down stream angle to go with the current not against it.

Trail coordinates:

Parking Lot N61-57.6 Little Nelchina River N 62-06 Monument MT. N62-04.0
W147-07.5 W147-18.7 W147-17.9 Four corners N62-01.7 Horse Pasture N62-07.3 Crooked Creek N62-02.8      W147-13 W147-38.1 W147-14

If you plan Horse Pasture as the end then do a loop instead riding up the Little Nel and then back down the same way. As you are riding up the Little Nel after a few miles and directly
across from Flat Creek you will see a trail that climbs into the hills above the Little Nel. Take that trail up, beautiful easy trail that will bring you to the headwaters of Fox Creek and a old
mining area and airstrip. One trail heads down Fox Creek and the other to the left around the lake brings you to the upper Little Oshetna. From there you look to the left and you will see
Horse Pasture a mile away. Ride through Horse Pasture and then down the Little Nel. That hill trail above the Little Nel always has lots of Caribou. If you don't want to climb Monument
on the way back you can also go up Flat Creek to get to 4 corners.
It's about 1.5 hours from Palmer to the trailhead. Going to Horsepasture and back from the trailhead takes 6-7 hours. A lot of people go do these rides in a day trip. A lot of people also
like to camp at the gravel pits. If you aren't familiar with the trails then you will end up dinking around all day on this side of the Little Nel and think that was nice when actually the good
trails don't even start until you are past the Little Nel. To me from the Little Nel to the parking lot is the home stretch and nothing good starts until you are past the Little Nel. A better loop
to take is to head up the Little Nel, go thru Horse Pasture to the Little O, go down the Little O to the 4 corners trail where the left is the trail to the Big O, take the right trail to Yacko Creek
then up Yacko and across the high country to Tyone Creek, then up Tyone to the trail that cuts back to the Little Nel and Monument. That's the best most scenic loop out there but it
takes 8-9 hours to do it.  We usually camp over night at the gravel pit trailhead area.
4 Corners
Kathy and Rich Benson leading
Vick, Dan and Beverly
Trail off the Campsite Road on July 4, 2013
Dianne, Daisy, Duke and Willow
Sunshine all day Sunday!
Dianne (Outlaw) riding on Sunday July 21, 2013
Sean and Jack Robbins riding on Sunday July 21, 2013
Joyce Robbins riding
sr12345 also known as Sean Robbins and family on Eureka Trails July 21, 2013
Kathy and Rich Benson
Sean, Joyce, and Jack Robbins
Hulaman 2000 on Eureka Trails  - July 20, 2013
Sean and Jack Robbins also known as sr12345
Hulaman 2000
OUTLAW also known as Dianne with Daisy and Duke
Sean and Jack Robbins
Joyce Robbins riding on Sunday July 21, 2013
Me and my 3 dog RZR
Joyce Robbins