Eureka Trails

September 21,  2014
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OUTLAW - Dianne with Daisy and Duke stopping for the night.
After trip report:

A great day of riding the Eureka Trails.  These were the muddies rides in all my six years of riding Eureka Trails.  We had to get off the trail climbing Monument because it was so steep
and really deep mud.  We drove into the grass and rocks to get some traction to climb.  We got the complete range of weather.  Sunny at the trailhead and about 34 degrees F when
we left.  Started to rain lightly and the mud got very deep especially at the beginning of the trail as it dropped from the parking lot. into the big mud bogs.  A few hunters were on the trail
but not many other riders.

We reached the top of Mounment as the sun came back out and decided to stop for lunch.  After about thirty minutes I saw the black clouds approaching us in the distance and decided
to get my rain suit on.  By the time we were suited up it began to snow.  We decided to head back to the trail head.  A couple of miles down the mountain, the snow turned to hail and
then hard rain.  Our ride down to the mud bogs was really slick.  I headed to the tall grass and bushes for traction every chance I got but the bushes were thick and huge holes where
hiding under them which forced me to pull out on the sharp rocky edges.  Patrick was driving a RZR also and he managed the dangerous swamps with great skill.  Thankfully we both
had big mud tires on our RZRs.  By the time we reached the trailhead, the sun was shinning again and it was much warmer.  Remember those weather reports we get from Anchorage
are for Palmer and Wasilla.  Our trailheads are usually 100 miles or more north of Anchorage and at a much higher elevation.  Forecast of sunny skies are for city people.  Always take
a rain suit anytime of year.  Patrick had a roof on his RZR but I still insist on viewing the sky while I ride.

It was an awesome ride Alaska style.  The weather was dramatic and photographing was a real challenge.
Hunter with moose in back of his UTV
Distance from ER: About 100 miles. Around Glenn Hwy mile 131.  Camping: Large gravel pits alongside road, unrestricted.  Trail: Extensive network, all above tree line. Common ride is to go to
"4-corners", "Monument", and then down to the Little Nelchina River. About 12 miles each way. Moderate trail, some deep puddles. Descent from Monument to Little Nel is steep. Crossing the Little Nel
can be difficult, depending on recent rains.  Scenery: High-alpine, great vistas.

Trail coordinates:  Parking Lot N61-57.6 Little Nelchina River N 62-06 Monument MT. N62-04.0
W147-07.5 W147-18.7 W147-17.9 Four corners N62-01.7 Horse Pasture N62-07.3 Crooked Creek N62-02.8      W147-13 W147-38.1 W147-14
Dianne, Daisy and Duke
Driving home on the Glenn Highway
Knik Glacier from Knik River Road overlook.
Matanuska Glacier from the camp ground off the Glenn Highway
On top of Monument Mountain watching the rain moving toward us.