Eureka Trails

September 14 and 15,  2013
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John and his Polaris 6 wheels with Stew and Mary Gail and their RZR next to  my RZR
OUTLAW - Dianne with Daisy and Duke
Stew and Mary Gail
Daisy found bones on the trail.
Sand dunes on trail with Alaska range in sky.
After trip report:

Two sunny perfect days of riding the Eureka Trails.  These were the best rides in all my six years of riding Eureka Trails.  Thanks to Stew and Mary Gail for riding both days with me.  
The first day to 4 corners, and Monument with only one minor mishap Saturday of a wet fuse which was quickly replaced.  Stew is a great member to have on our rides, he carries all
the tools and is an expert at fixing machines on the trails.  

Sunday sixwheels joined us.  Thank you so very much to John (sixwheels) for leading our 3 side by sides on the lower loop trails.  John who is an Alaska native born and raised here
rode these trails with his family on dirt bikes as a child.  He really knows the trails and he is awesome at navigating the mud bogs.  Again, Stu made a repair on the trail.  This time to
his brakes.  Good thing I had a small brush with me because my radiator got stopped up with all the bushes I drove through and my RZR overheated.  A stop for a good brushing
suggested by Stew, cleared it and no more overheating.   By the time we headed back from the long ride Sunday, I was soo tired and dreading the big mud holes we had to ride
through again at the beginning of the Eureka trail to get to the trailhead, however we all sailed though the deep muddy mess like pros.  After a day of riding the muddy mess on the loop
following John these prior fearful mud traps were a laugh.

Thank you to grizzaholic for telling me about that second campsite on the right just after mile 132 on the Glenn Hwy, I camped there and it was much quieter at night and my dogs had
room to run and play.  It is worth the 2 mile drive from the trailhead if you are there for more than a day ride.  There is a good atv trail beside the highway back to the trail head on the left
just after mile 130.  This is where you will find my rig on future rides at Eureka.

Dianne and Stew and Mary were Troopers..  This was a 62 Mile ride.  As Dianne said we went down the Outer loop trail to Old Nelchina Town site,  Crossed the Nelchina rvr where
Crooked creek flows into it, from there up the trail and crossed Tyone Creek, Headed up the valley to White Sands (for those that know that location), up and over the top to Yako creek
valley, back up and back down to Tyone creek and back to Monument.  This was a KodaChrome day with nice brite colors and memories for a lifetime were made. This ride Is
challenging ride and I was impressed and proud of Dianne, Stew and Mary. The sites and county seen are 2nd to none.  posted by sixwheels (John)  September 14 & 15, 2013
Mary and Stew Gail
John and Stew
Our campsite at mile 132 on the Glenn Highway near Eureka, Alaska.
Bring home a caribou!
This guy says the Honda he is riding is over 30 years old!
Stew towing me out of the mud.
Dianne and Mary
Repairs on the trail.  Stew's brake line broke.
Dianne, Duke and Daisy
Stew's fuse got wet.  He is throwing me his winch cable.
Dianne   (OUTLAW)
Distance from ER: About 100 miles. Around Glenn Hwy mile 131.  Camping: Large gravel pits alongside road, unrestricted.  Trail: Extensive network, all above tree line. Common ride is to go to
"4-corners", "Monument", and then down to the Little Nelchina River. About 12 miles each way. Moderate trail, some deep puddles. Descent from Monument to Little Nel is steep. Crossing the Little Nel
can be difficult, depending on recent rains.  Scenery: High-alpine, great vistas.

Trail coordinates:  Parking Lot N61-57.6 Little Nelchina River N 62-06 Monument MT. N62-04.0
W147-07.5 W147-18.7 W147-17.9 Four corners N62-01.7 Horse Pasture N62-07.3 Crooked Creek N62-02.8      W147-13 W147-38.1 W147-14
Mary and Stew Gail