Denali Highway Trails

July 4 thru July 7 ,  2013
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Denali Highway Trails  - July 4, 2013
OUTLAW - Dianne
Beverly with Daisy and Duke
AKBAWANA - Brenda, Cody  and Vick
Trail off the Campsite Road on the right fork going to higher ground.
AKBAWANA - Brenda, Cody  and Vick
AKBAWANA - Brenda, Cody  and Vick
After trip report:

Another awesome Denali Highway Trails trip with great riding buddies.  I left Palmer on July 3, 2013 and had a beautiful slow drive to Denali.  Our first ride was July 4, 2013 starting on
the gravel road that runs by our campsite but quickly narrows into a trail.  Rivers and creeks were swollen and sometime overflowed into the other branch so there was water hiding the
trail, however the bottom was hard gravel on this road.  I took the right fork in the road to higher ground and missed Roosevelt Lake.  We climbed up to the flat mountain overlook that
we ride to on every trip.  Lots of caribou on the trail.  I decided to explore an unknown narrow trail riding the higher ridges and stumbled upon a restricted work area.  No one was
around to fuss at me.  Upon exiting this area we were on the main gravel road and had an easy and swift ride back to camp.  

The copper mine was almost wiped out by an avalanche last month and we met the owners who told me the story of there misfortune.  They also gave me a core sample to take home.  
Very nice couple and workers.  This trail is on high ground with hard surfaces and dryer than the other trails.  We saw more moose on this trail.  

The Snodgrass Lake Trail across the Susitna River Bridge going toward Cantwell from our campsite was the wettest trail.   It started out with mud holes as big as I've seen and led to
trails that were like riding a river.  I had to take off through the high grass several times when the mud looked bottomless and greasy.  The high grass hide deep pits. Passed the struck
truck and trailer, the trail became very rough and rocky often disappearing down the mountain side.  After several attempts to get past avalanche areas, I led the group back to camp
before making it to the top of the mountain where the Willow Ptarmigan nest are.  When I return here this fall, I will try these trails again when I first get here and hopefully will find a way
to reach the birds.  Must remember to bring shovels and picks!
Dave riding his Rhino and Caribou
Vick, Dan and Beverly
Snodgrass Lake Trail on July 6, 2013
Trail off the Campsite Road on July 4, 2013
OOPs, they should have turned the signs the other way, I didn't see them until we looked back.
 No wonder the trail was damaged.  This is what happens when you guys don't lead!
Trail was damaged by man here, lots of metal portable buildings around but no people.  We
drove through the grass and went down the creek to cross.
Copper Mine Trail on July 5, 2013
Copper Mine Trail on July 5, 2013
Avalanche destroyed most of the buildings in the Copper Mine last month.  Only one building
was spared.  The owners had just arrived last night and told us the story.
The lady in blue is the owner of this copper mine.  the white building is the only remaining building.  The blue tarp in front of my RZR is the pallets of core samples that were not damaged.  Her
husband was talking on his satellite phone to workings on their way here and telling them to bring tents, and other supplies.

Snodgrass Lake Trail on July 6, 2013
Beverly pulling my winch cable out
No one was around this stuck truck with the trailer left on the trail behind it.
Nope, I can't get it out!
Daisy is hiding in the RZR, You can see her nose as she peeks out.  I am in my cot tent while
Duke guards us.  He likes the rain.
desert mulie and their little dog with Duke
desert mulie
desert mulie inspecting the muddy trail
desert mulie is stuck in the mud!
desert mulie driving through
desert mulie
Desert Mule was to heavy for my RZR so I had to turn around and hook his winch cable to my trailer tow hitch.  I had to get on solid grassy ground too.