YAMAHA Off the Road Rally

July 28,  2012

Sutton, Alaska
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Just one section of the campground.
Trail Talk
I arrived Friday afternoon and was rewarded for my early arrival with a great camping spot
just across the campground from the food and entertainment tents but right on the lake  I
sat my lawn chairs and cooler right at the lake and watched the sun rise.
Daisy and I enjoyed the warm sunshine today.
James is getting the Blindfold Races started.
YAMAHA Off the Road Rally - July 28, 2012 - Sutton - Jonesville Rd.
Food tent.  There was lots of really great free food: bbq ribs, chicken, hamburgers, cold slaw,
potato salad, baked beans, mac n cheese, salad, and a variety of sports drinks.  Thanks,
Performance Yamaha in Wasilla for a great feed!!!