Wishbone Lake Family Ride

Alaska ATV Club

August 1,  2010
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Rich and family
Me and Daisy.  This was Daisy's first ATV ride.
Rich and Lisa
Jonesville Road Trail
Margaret & Joal
Willow leads Sean through high water.
Silverfox on his Arctic Cat
Dianne (me) & Daisy

After trip report:

We had a good ride up to Wishbone Lake with eight machines. Much water in deep ruts but that is normal for this trail.  The trail has overgrown quite a bit with overhanging branches. Stopped at
Moose Creek for a break also and it appeared to be in crossable condition.

Posted on ATV Club website by Rich
Joal, Margaret, Molly, Daisy, Dianne, Rich, & Kathy
Rich Molly, Kathy & Irwin
Margaret & Joal