Valentine's Day ATV Ride

Alaska ATV Club - Knik Glacier, Alaska

February 14,  2010
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Margaret with Joal and Jim helping her
Coffee Break
Dianne (Me) with Denali (Mt. McKinley) in background
Rich and Dan
Dianne (me) and George (Gab)
Margaret looking for treasures
Larry and  George
Rich and Larry on the trail
Joal amd Margaret
Moose with broken legs caught in ice
Poor Moose
Jim and Christiam
Margaret and Joel
Margaret and Joel
Sheep on the trail
Jim. Christian and Rich
Jim and Christian
George and Jim with Christian
Slick Icy Trail
Today's Riders - Dianne, Christian, Jim, George, Rich, Larry, Margaret, and Joal.
Jim and Christiam
Knik Glacier on Valentine Day February 14, 2010
Joal and Margaret
Rockhound  (Larry)
Rich and George
Margaret and Joal
+14 this morning at the trail head.  Must have been +30 when we got back.  We were able to avoid the rotten overflow between Friday Creek
and Wolf Point.  Sliding and skating all the way.  Very icy but doable.  Lunch at the a-frame (used to be anyways).  The trail up there was
surprisingly good snow and no ice, so the view was great!
Fairly busy day out there today.  A trooper (?) had to put down a cow moose at the midway point on the Wolf Point trail, busted leg he said.
Very icy, sad to see it, but it happens.

The sheep were down on the flats at Wolf Point.  Hopefully Dianne has some pictures.  Oh yeah, almost forgot, everybody came away from
this ride dry and warm!  

Posted by Rockhound on ATV website February 14, 2010