Training Time

Alaska ATV Club - Knik Glacier, Alaska

March 27,  2010
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Baddog Chris Riding
Rich getting advice from Larry and George
Rich and Kathy taking a walk.
Rich and Dan
George (Gab) and Larry (Rockhound) training Rich's winch
Relaxing by the fire
Larry Rich and  George making sure everything is working right
Russ using his parenting skills. Jaime wants to play.
Rich. grand-daughter,  and Kathy
George (Gab) and Chris (Baddog)
Savanna gets help.
Over 36 F degrees today, no wind and blue skies until afternoon.
Got the fire burning
Setting up camp site.
What a great learning day for me!  Thanks to our strong leader Larry.  More gratitude goes to
George and Rich for helping him teach today.
Larry pulling the cable and Rich operating the winch
Thanks Paratigger for bring this gas grill on the back of your machine.  Plenty of hot food
for everyone today!
Jim and Larry
Today March 27, 2010 ATV Club Riders - Great ride with several new riders, a cookout, and training.  
WELCOME MontanaMan, Paratigger, and BigH to our club rides!
Hey, I'm ready to go!
Rich and Kathy riding the dunes.

It was warm and the snow was deep the last couple of weeks.  People were still crossing Metal Creek and making it to the Knik Glacier.
Rough riding conditions as the snow has not been blown away and it is very much rutted.  Mostly, just stay on the beaten path and you will
be ok.  Crossing Jim Creek is a breeze for now.  Cross just about anywhere.  As of this Saturday, just a rough bumpy miserable ride.

We had a fire, tons of food that Paratigger cooked on his nifty grill attached to the back of his side x side.  Got to see Rich use his new side
x side to haul in firewood, and did training for atv safety.  Attempted to train George's winch and found a slight fault with it.   We did spool out
Chris's new winch cable and found it to be damaged, but it trained up ok.  Rich spooled out his 4500 pound winch and we trained it up fine,
as did Dianne's.

Side hilling and incline safety were introduced and that went really good.

All in all, a good day.

Posted by Rockhound on Alaska ATV Club website March 27, 2010
How can I do soooo much with just two hands, breaks, gas, winch, lights, cameras, nose
wipes?  Think goodness I don't have to give turn signals!!!