Alaska ATV Club

Talkeetna, Alaska Ride

July 18 & 19,  2009
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Danielle on Yodar Trail - July 18, 2009
Slick muddy trail
Searching for a way through
Bump in the trail - July 18, 2009
Bottoms up - July 18, 2009
Rough Trail - July 18, 2009
Fireweed on the trail - July 19, 2009
Me  - July 18, 2009
Danielle & Brian  - July 18, 2009
Towing - July 18, 2009
Brian - July 18, 2009
Steve on my ATV He had already towed George & me out of this mud twice - July 18, 2009
Brian - July 18, 2009
Mud and Snow - July 3, 2009
Steve's having fun - July 18, 2009
Bridge crossing on the trail
Rich - July 19, 2009
Lunch Break at Larson Creek
Steve and son on the trail
Rough Riding
Yodar Trail July 18, 2009
Comstat Trail to Larson Lake & Larson Creek - July 19, 2009
Me at Larson Creek
Steve headed home.
Larson Lake
The Saturday ride started at 10:30 at Yoder Rd. Trail head.  Take Talkeetna spur Road north and just before it turns NW take Yoder
Road to the right (East).  Then  after the bridge over Montana Creek on Yoder Rd. It is the big hill on the left. The trail follows the S fork
Montana Creek generally and has lots of water holes. The mud there has a nasty way of clogging up your radiator too, I found out the
hard way.

The Sunday ride started at 10:30 at the end of Comstat Rd.  Comstat is off the Talkeetna Spur Rd just past the dump on the right.


Can I burn a steak or is there a fire ban?    Yes cooking is ok.

Do I need extra ammo?    Yes

Is there an outhouse or do I need to act like a bear?   Be a bear

Are bears a problem in the area?   Yes

Is trash going to be a problem?   What you take in you take out!

Can I turn my big Ford and trailer around in there or is that going to be a problem?  It's a problem for me but most men can do it!

Fuel? Or do I need to bring extra, I do not know mileage of the rides.  You will need a full tank each day. Fuel is expensive in Talkeetna,
bring a full 5 gallon tank extra.

Somebody said something about fishing???   You can fish at Larson Creek if you can get back to the trail head alone.