Slippery Spring

Alaska ATV Club

Jim Creek , Alaska Ride

April 11,  2010
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George and Rich helped the Jeep get towed out of Jim Creek.
George and Rich deciding to turn back.
Rich scouting for a safe passage through Jim Creek.
Me having fun!
George waving to me to stop.
Rich let us today with George riding behind me.
George riding out of  the parking lot.
The conditions today at Jim Creek didn't allow us to cross over due to jumbled up ice and open water mixed. A couple trucks did
cross over while we were there and one got stuck. He blew out his rear end and the other one blew his front end. They were able to
winch out of trouble. We helped by wading through the water with the winch cable for them.

The worst part of the trail was just getting from the parking lot down to Jim Creek. Major icy ruts and water holes on Sexton trail. We
made today a training day: balance control 102 course (follow on to side hill 101)  

Posted by Rich on Alaska ATV Club website April 11, 2010
Today, April 11, 2010 ATV Club Riders.  Rich, Dianne (me), and George
Rich in deep water on the trail.