Poker Run 3

Alaska ATV Club

October 09,  2010
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Larry (RockHound) is always having fun.  Right George?
Larry records the card this rider drew.
We enjoyed a beautiful sunny day.
The whole family had fun today.  We got to know our fellow riders and their children with
an easy day of summer riding stories and warm fires.
Chris (Baddog)
Easy Jim Creek crossing today.
Rich let me ride with him and try out his RZR.
George offers the deck of cards - October 9, 2010
Joal and Margaret take a dip.
This Grand prize winner drew 3 Queens.  He gets his money from Chris.
Savannah and Russ
Rich (Slippen & Slidden) enjoys the break while Larry and Rich catch up on ATV news.
Chris, Savannah, Russ and Buzz
Rich dealing cards.
Rich's RZR is fun to drive.  I think Daisy would like it too.
Our Poker Run for 2010 combined with fund raiser for Breast Cancer.  A great combination for a fun family event.
Lunch break
Larry (Rockhound) on his new Honda.
Great riding weather today.
Aunt Betty shows her prize for the worst hand drawn.