Alaska ATV Club

Petersville, Alaska Ride

September 3,  2011
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Buzz and Michael
Dianne (Me)  and Daisy
JoAl panning for gold while George looks for more color & Rich walks under the bridge.
Sean and Brit on the trail

Go to Trapper Creek, turn left onto Petersville road go 14 miles west to the Kroto Creek parking lot.  We usually camp out and start our rides at the
Kroto Creek parking area which is at mile 14 of the Petersville Road. It is a large gravel area with a restroom on the north side of the road just before
Kroto Bridge.  

Today's ATV Club Riders are:  
Alaska Dan, George, Buzz, Michael, Treenotch, John, Dianne and Daisy.

GPS Details

Kroto Parking Lot  N62-20.78   W150-37.33

Forks Roadhouse  N62-22.34    W 150-43.90

Peters Creek bridge  N62-31.92   W 150-48.96

Lunch Stop Hill       N62-26.54    W150-59.88
Kroto Creek Parking Lot to Road House
From the Forks roadhouse we tried to go west but ended up turning around due to endless swamps