Permanente Road Trail

May 15,  2010

ATV Club Ride
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Dan (Treenotch) on the trail.
It was raining when we started out today.
Rough Trail
Moose on the trail.
Alaska state bird on the right watches us on the trail.
Dan (AlaskaDan)
Trail blocked.
Clearing the Permanente Trail
Me (Dianne) trying to keep my cameras dry.
Larry clearing the trail.
Leader Larry Checking Out the Ice to see if it will hold the weight of our ATVs.
Rich bringing the gas grill.
Larry and Rich clearing the trail.
Great team work guys!  Thanks to our expert leader Larry, experienced 2nd leader Rich, knowledgeable
AlaskaDan, and Chainsaw Power Man Treenotch, we enjoyed an adventure into the Alaska wilderness
overcoming difficult obstacles including climbing hugh rocks on steep slopes, crossing a rapid flowing icy river with
snow banks, clearing fallen trees from the trail, sliding around in huge mud holes, rain, moose, mechanical
problems, crossing a steep narrow ledge, and listening to a bear stalking us roar all through lunch.  Thanks to all,
I had a great day.  (My view of today's ride)

Seven riders today with great weather, a few sprinkles early on but then warm and sunny. We cleared the trail of
fallen trees thanks to Dan with his chainsaw. Had lunch up on the hill across the river. It was tricky coming back
across the river with snow banks still on both sides but we all made it, no problem. The trail was quite muddy in
places making for clogged radiators coming back. Ended up towing Dan the last mile or so. All in all a fantastic
day and a welcome change to the Jim Creek routine.  (Posted on the ATV Club website by Rich)  
Larry waving or is he signaling for me to stop photographing him?
Dianne (Me)
Today May 15, 2010 Alaska ATV Club Riders
Larry slid off the trail on his adventurous try at forging a new route across the river.
Just a split second frozen in time with Dan (Treenotch).
Larry seems sooooo happy we were all able to follow him.  But I was really thrilled!
Slowly Crawling Down the Rocks.  Dan (Treenotch) was riding behind me.
Larry and Rich deciding if we can make it across the ledge.  Yea, we all made it.