Permanente Trail

August 4,  2012

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Just one section of the campground.
Pam & Tony
Pam, akgrizz (Rich), & Mary
Daisy and I enjoyed the warm sunshine today.
Dianne & Daisy
Tom (Motowon) and Jeremy
Mary and Stew Gail  (smgail)
Tom andJeremy
Stew putting his spar tire on my RZR.  Thanks Site!
Permanente Trailhead at Mile 72 on the Glenn Hwy
The parking area is small but there are turnouts close by on the hwy you can leave your truck and trailer.  
The trail has some rocky sections, moderate hills and a couple of mud sections.  The rocky sections are
serious rocks!  

It is about 5 miles past Kings River bridge. As you approach it there is a small lake on the left and then a
bend in the road to the right. At the bend there is a small dirt turnout on the north side with a road leading
further north. That is the trailhead. Either park at the turnout or pull up into the dirt  road and find parking on
the left side.