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Knik Glacier, Alaska Ride

August 21,  2010
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Lugnut and family
Rich, Mike , and John
Group break
Bradl   August 21, 2010
Joyce and Jack with Willow  - August 22, 2009
Friday Creek
Jim Creek Crossing August 21, 2010
Where: About 30 miles north of Anchorage - North on Glenn, take Old Glenn exit (before the river bridges) for about 8 miles along Knik River over the Knik River Bridge - once across the bridge
parking is available on left side of the road or - follow the Old Glenn about 1 1/2 miles further, turn right at the Alaska Raceway Park sign (asphalt road), follow it 1.25 miles, past the raceway  - two
entrances to the Pavilion parking area are on the right (just past Butte Airman Rd on the left).  The Pavilion parking area gives easier access to the bulk of the riding area.

This area has something for everyone, trails in the woods, open flats, mud and dunes. Crossing Jim Creek itself can range from easy to "highly improbable" depending on how high the water is.  If
you can cross you can run to the glacier (about 20 miles from the creek) or take side trails up a couple of valleys. Metal Creek runs across the face of the glacier, be very cautious if you try to
cross it.  It is glacier-fed, meaning you can’t see the bottom.  It can and will swallow your wheeler in a heartbeat – and can and will swallow you in two heartbeats.  
Knik Glacier
Wolf Point
Willow leading Joyce & Jack with Sean in front on  August 22, 2009
Livingthelegend and family
Wolf Point