Knik Glacier Up Close

October 24,  2009

Alaska ATV Club Ride
Copyright  2006        ©   Dianne Roberson.   All rights reserved.
Rich crossing Friday Creek
Larry leading with the rest of us close behind him.
The sky cleared while we were at the glacier.  It was even warmer close to the glacier.
Today was a calm, mild, awesome day.  Temperature in the mid 30's.
Clouds and Fog were rolling in before we left.
Me finally up close to Knik Glacier.
Rich pulling Larry out.  It takes team work to get through a ride like this safely.
Rich and Sean arriving at Knik Glacier.
It has been a rough ride and we are all ready for a break.
Me driving up as close as I can.
Larry's looking for metal while Sean takes photos.
Metal Creek
Rich.  I hope he's not thinking of driving over that ice!
Today's Riders from left to right.  
Sean, Dianne, Dan, George, Rich and wife, Larry, Joal, and Rich