King River, Alaska

Alaska ATV Club

May 28 & 29,  2010
Copyright  2010        ©   Dianne Roberson.   All rights reserved.
King River from campground - May 28, 2010
Dan riding the trail.
Rich and Dan
Alaska Artist Dianne Hendrix
Mountain View 1
Dan and Rich - May 28, 2010
Distant view of King River
My Yamaha got hung up on a large rock.  I couldn't move forward or backward so the
guys picked it up and moved it off the rock.
Rich - May 28, 2010
Dianne (me) - May 28, 2010
Mountain View close up
Time for a break
Rich, Brian and Dan deciding how we can move forward.
Brian, Danielle and children
Willow playing
Dan driving my Yamaha through the deep water and mud
Taking it easy
Me (Dianne) - May 29, 2010
Jumping to a safer place.
Rich leading went into a hole in the water.
Danielle in deep water.
Brian hooks his winch cable to Danielle
OJ on the trail - May 29, 2010
There were seven machines Saturday with eleven riders, the trail was the driest I have ever seen. Mud was almost all dried up.
One patch of snow up high but no problem to get around. -  Rich

just got home..had an absolutely great time, the rocks were quite a challenge and the mud hole was good place to just hang out
while everyone got through.
---dust?,,yes what I could see of it, something always forgotten,,,dusty goggles!!!  Still washing silt out of my eyes.  - OJ
Saturday May 29, 2010
Dan in the water hole.
Rich helps OJ
Dan rides around the snow.
Rich cheers OJ on to the top
Dan and Rich looking for the trail
Willow and Jake watch Brian
OJ and wife
Danielle driving as Brian watches her.
Dianne (me)
Sean riding up steep hill
Sean hung up on big rocks uses his remote control
This little fellow stole my sandal and chewed the strap.  I found the sandal in the bushes.
It was worth arriving a day early to get this secluded campsite on a holiday weekend.
King River Trail Alaska ATV Club riders.  From left to right:  Brian, Danielle and family, Sean, Jake and Willow, Dianne,
Dan, Rich, OJ and wife.

Directions to King River Trails

From Sutton, go about another 6 miles down the Glenn Highway.  There is a long, wide, and straight section (3 lanes), and then a gradual
right-hand curve at the end.  The entrances to Kings River are in the middle of that curve--a descending road on the right, and another dirt
road on the left.  The trail head is the first dirt road on the right.  A camping area is to the right just before the bridge.  Then you cross the Kings
River bridge.  There is also another camping area across the bridge on the left across the bridge.