Knik Glacier

Alaska ATV Club

November 13,  2011
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Eureka Trails from campground - Kathy & Rich - July 3, 2010
Larry (Rockhound) photographs a burnt truck at the beginning of the trail.
Wolf Point - Buck, Larry and George.
Larry, George and Buck
View of Knik Glacier
Me, Larry & Daisy, George, Buck - Today's riders.
It was warm and partly sunny at lunch on top of the hill, but was snowing when we left and got
to the bottom of the hill.
Larry driving Buck's snow machine.
The snow machine really went fast!  I had fun.  Thanks Buck!
Larry having fun back on his Honda.
George on the snow machine
George and Larry
Me and Daisy
I had to drive the snow machine too.

After trip report:

It was a great day for a ride.  No one but us four on the trails this morning.  The weather was cloudy but mild, about 25 degrees when we started out.  It cleared and we saw a bit of
sun then it started snowing and cleared again.  Deep fresh snow was fun riding and we played on the hills.  Then we all drove Buck's snow machine.  River crossings were shallow
and easy.  No ice, just soft snow.  Thanks Larry for leading us on this fun ride today!
Snow was so deep, I didn't see see Jim Creek.
Me and Daisy in my RZR
My RZR drove easy in this deep snow.