Knik Glacier

April 17,  2011

ATV Club Ride
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Treenotch (Dan & Lisa)  George, and Joal.
Crossing Jim Creek
MikeF pointing to gold in his pan.
George stuck in the mud.
George at Wolf Point
Jeff crossing Jim Creek.
Today's riders.
Me and Daisy.
Willow and Daisy
Daisy and George
It was a bright warm sunny day and the photos show it.   Jim Creek was an easy crossing.  Lots of deep mud through
the woods.  We had eight riders on seven machines + two dogs.  Thanks for leading us on this ride Joal.
Treenotch (Dan & Lisa)
Treenotch pulls George out of the mud.
Lisa playing with Willow & Daisy
Treenotch (Dan & Lisa), Akgrizz (Rich), Gab (George), and Wild Weasel (Joal)