Knik Glacier

March 19,  2011

ATV Club Ride
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George Brown on the trail.
It was great to meet Trooper Ryan Mattingley and Trooper Nathan Duce at the glacier.  They
talked to us for a while.  My gun was in plain view and they just smiled.  Got their picture to
show everyone that the troopers are there and keep our trails safe.  These guys are with the
Palmer Alaska State TRoopers "B" Detachment.
Dianne (me).
Dianne and Daisy
Larry (Rockhound) was our experienced leader on this ride.  Thanks Larry for leading us and
also for being a great photo partner.
Today's Alaska ATV Club Riders:  Ron. Josh, Larry, George, and Dianne.
Time Out at the Glacier.  Josh and his machine.
Dianne  (Me)
Larry (Rockhound)
What a wonderful ride!!! Thank you sooo very much for another ride on our beautiful trails in the Mat-Su Valley Larry.  Each
trip is different, today we met two of Alaska's finest state troopers on the trail.  A couple of riders that haven't riden with the
club since last summer join us.  We also talked to the pilots of two airplanes that landed on the trail.  It was warm, sunny with
turquoise skies.  How can you beat that?  With Larry in front of me leading and George behind, we all felt safe.  No mishaps
today, and lots of great photos encluding more moose and sheep. - Dianne

I don't who to feel the most sorrow for, the State Troopers or the Moose.  Diane was merciless!  Both will have their faces
posted internationally within days!  What a warm and beautiful day.  Great ride with a good group!  - Larry

What a grate day for a ride we took our time and really enjoyed the outing. Thank you all for a wonderful tip.  - George