Knik Glacier

March 13,  2011

ATV Club Ride
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My orange madness Polaris RZR and Rockhound's Honda with the view looking toward the Butte.
Moose on the trail.
Larry (Rockhound) approaching the glacier.
Today's Alaska ATV Club Riders.  From left to right:  Duff, Larry and Dianne (me).
Larry (Rockhound)
Duff in his Ranger.  Great driving for a California man.  This is just his second ride with our club.
Larry (Rockhound) was our experienced leader on this ride.  Thanks Larry for leading us and
also for being a great photo partner.
Sheep with an eagle in the sky near Wolf Point.
Time Out at the Glacier.  Larry and his Honda.
Daisy gets some attention.
Awesome scenery, abundant wildlife, no wind, sunny with no clouds in the sky, Yes I will say this was a magnificent ride!  Thank you so very much to our
leader today, Larry (Rockhound) who naviagated us through 50 miles of ice and snow to the glacier.  Duff joined us making his second ride with our
club.  Only two small mishaps, Duff got stuck in the snow and Larry towed him out.  Then I landed on some big sharp rocks and busted a hole in the
bottom of my new RZR.  Thank goodness there seems to be no damage to the operating system.  I am ordering metal skid plates today.  We saw over
20 moose on the trail, several dall sheep, and a wolf.  Daisy chewed up and tried to ripe out  the side net on my RZR trying to get out and chase the
moose, but she was buckled in from her back harness.  She rides in the rear from now on!  Temperature go so warm after noon that I was turning off my
12 volt clothing system