Knik Glacier Ride

February 20,  2011

ATV Club Ride
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My orange madness Polaris RZR with my neighbor, Linda Anderson riding along with me.
Another cold rider.
Thanks to everyone for welcoming Linda today and making her feel safe with us.  She wants to
go on more rides with us in the summer and bring her dog and grandchildren along.  Daisy
stayed home today because she was too cold yesterday while I was riding her and some
children around our neighborhood.  
There was a sharp drop off before the ice chunks and another sharp high icy ledge to get up
on in order to get back on the trail.  We all made it without winching.
George crossing the ice.
Mike F, George, and Lugnut on the trail.
George and his relatives with their new Can-Am.
MikeF leading us today
Me and my orange madness RZR, looks hot doesn't it?  I mean the RZR!
Lots of hot coffee at this lunch stop.
Linda and me.
Linda and Lugnut
Knik Glacier February 20, 1011
Linda and Me
George and relatives.
For those of you who have wondered about the Can-Am and the RZR, here they are side by side.  I took
a long time and drove both before deciding on buying the RZR.  They are both great machines.