RZR 1st Ride

January 9,  2011

ATV Club Ride
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This summer I can take more stuff on the trails with me and Daisy.  I'm looking forward to in
remote areas that maybe no other artist/photographer has had the opportunity to create.in
remote areas that maybe no other artist/photographer has had the opportunity to create.
Bob bringing me their tow rope.
Mike on the trail.
Say hello to George and Larry.  Also know as Gab and Rockhound.  While Larry is the
adventurous leader, George is always riding near the end to make sure no one is left behind.
Larry gets way ahead of me on the slippery icy trail.
Dall sheep near Wolf Point.
Larry waits for a moose to cross the trail.
Larry (Rockhound) was our experienced fearless leader on this ride.  Thanks Larry for coming
out on such a cold day.  I really got some good photos of wildlife and gained great experience
on my new RZR.  I couldn't have done it alone.  Thanks to George for being a dependable all
year/all weather rider. Also much thanks to Joal and Rich for driving to the trailhead Sunday
morning with a screw gun and putting the ice screws on all four of my tires.  These guys are
awesome examples of Alaska ATV Club Members.
Daisy stayed warm wrapped in two big blankets. She is eight months now and has been riding
the trails since she was two months old.
Larry rides on thin ice first, then turn around and finds a safer route for us to follow him.  This
Rockhound knows from past experience how dangerous it is to fall through thin ice and get wet
in such low temperatures. He kept us all dry this on this ride.
Time Out at Wolf Point.
I was really tired. The RZR is easy to drive but on the first out I was still locating options while
navigating icy trails.
Moose on the trail.
It was a good ride, +4 when we got there and +8 when we left.  Lots of moose and we even got to see the sheep down from the cliffs at Wolf Point on the
other side of Fall Creek.  Everything is frozen good right now so creek crossing were not an issue.  We did not go to the glacier, stopped for lunch
where the a-frame used to be and headed back.  - Posted by Larry (Rockhound)

It was really cold weather on slippery icy trails but thanks to our adventurous experienced leader, Larry (Rockhound) we all stayed dry and had a great
time.  I enjoyed meeting MikeF and his friend. This was their first club ride.  Larry and George explained the trail sights, safety, etc to them and made
them feel welcome.  I gotta say it again, thank you Joal and Rich for driving out to the trailhead Sunday morning and shooting my tires with all them ice
screws.  I would still be out there hiting the screws with a hammer!  All four of you guys made our club proud Sunday.  Thank You!!!