Jonesville Road Trail

May 8,  2010

ATV Club Ride
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View from trail.
Dan (Treenotch), Dan and Rich clearing the trail.
Working men.
Trail Talk
I was ready for a hot lunch and long break when we got to Moose Creek.
Thanks to Rich, our experienced leader today, we enjoyed a productive day with great
teamwork, a relaxing hot lunch, good conservations, and even a little public relations for
the club with the riders who were waiting on us to clear the trails.   
Dan (Treenotch)
Rich and Dan
Rich working with his winch moving log.
Dragging the Big Logs Away
Riding the Jonesville Road Trails
Dan (Treenotch)
Today's Alaska Club Riders, left to right: Dan (Treenotch), me (Dianne), Rich, and Dan.
Me and Dan enjoying the view at Wishbone Lake.
What a perfect summer day for riding !

We rode from Slipper Lake to Moose Creek cutting trees all the way. No more snow problems. Lunch at Moose
Creek was a barbeque with huge sausage links provided by Dianne on the grill. Rode back via the high trail and
up to Wishbone Lake. The lake is still covered with ice but won't be long now. Dianne promises pictures soon.  

Posted on the Alaska ATV Club website by Rich.