Alaska Mat-Su Valley ATV Club

Jim Creek, Alaska

November 15,  2014
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We are having a very warm and snowless November.  It was 17 degrees F. this morning when I left Knik river Road for Jim Creek.  Sun shinning and no wind.  We
were unable to cross Jim Creek due to the thin ice.  After watching a few machines try to cross and not make it, we decided to stay dry and headed for the woods.  
We took the trails around Maud Road.  Dry but with very deep ruts and fallen trees.  When we reached the lake we stopped for a fire and hot lunch.  

It was a good ride in the sunshine.  Good exercise for our dogs and us.  A bald eagle watched us eat lunch from his perch high on a tree limb.  Before heading back,
we checked out the firing range.  The sun was behind the mountains by 3pm.  I let the dogs play by the river and had an easy crossing on the creek near the bridge.  It
was dark by the time I reached my cabin and the northern lights were dancing in the sky.  
Thin ice over Jim Creek
Through the woods to Maud Road.
Dianne  (Outlaw)  with Daisy and Duke
Joal, Margaret, Kathy, Rich and Jim
Kathy and Rich Benson
Joal and Margaret Hintz
Jim, Joal, and Rich
Nice Fire