10th Annual Jim Creek CleanUp

Alaska ATV Club

May 19, 2012
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David with his father Larry also known as RockHound put up signs to thank our sponsors.
The Cleanup begans!
The Alaska ATV Club - Anchorage Racing Lions Helmets-For-Kids program gives helmets to young riders who otherwise wouldn't have one at our annual Jim Creek Cleanups.
Rich is working hard today
Daisy is having fun!
Laura and her daushter.
Steve givees these four little dolls free helmets.
That night after everyone left, someone towed this wreck in.  I called the big truckers and they
will be out tomorrow to haul it off.
Me and Daisy on the windy trails.
Larry and David working hard serving lunch
KBEAR 104.9 broadcasted their radio program live at our cleanup today.
Mike and Joal directr traffic and parking
Lots of trash.
Savannah is helping Ileanna today.
Winners of the gold can hunt.
Chris is signing everyone up
Russ, Larry , Mike, Tim, Steve, Chris, & Buzz, did the bulk of the preparation this year and they did a hell of a
fantastic job!

Buzz did a super great job with the food again this year, Thank Buzz and Michaelle by stoping by their
Silverfox Sports Bar in Wasilla and having a steak!  Danielle exceeds herself every year with the Helmets for
Kids - Thank you, Danielle

Thanks guys, you made this work this year!
And everyone who came out to help, you did it again, brought more people, brought in more trash.

It is your area and it is getting better and better - because YOU make it that way - My thank you to you all!  
Enjoy the riding out there, you earned it.To the Donors - I am always amazed at the support we get from you
every year!  Thanks again!

Alaska ATV Club - ARL
PO Box 140802
Anchorage AK 99514
Buzz cooking while Larry and David dish it out.
Beverly hands out trash bags to the troops.