9th Annual Jim Creek CleanUp

Alaska ATV Club

May 21,2011
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Larry also known as RockHound signs people up for the drawings.
The Cleanup begans!
The Alaska ATV Club - Anchorage Racing Lions Helmets-For-Kids program gives helmets to young riders who otherwise wouldn't have one at our annual Jim Creek Cleanups.
Welcome this new couple to our atv riding trails.
I say a family that plays together, stays together!  Looks like these guys are doing it right.
Three ladies that work at the Butte Pizza Hut brought this sofa in.  Thanks to 3 hard working
My neighbor Wayne Littleton rode his atv to help us today.
George and Mike are looking a little dirty.
George helps load the wrecked snow machine into the dumpster. Troy found it.
Working hard!  Thank you.
My neighbors, Dolores Steffes known on Knik River Road as Grandma, and her daughter
Beverly.  Grandma homesteaded this land in 1946. Thank you Grandma for lending us freezer
and fridge space for this cleanup.  Thanks Bev for helping me at the table today.
Mike rides again!!!
Having fun, I think they are doing a commercial for us.
I worked so hard today at 2 jobs that I had to get a double!
Russ is in a hurry, I bet he is counting the trash bags.
Eating  an working all day.
Thanks to the Extreme Trucking Club for helping us today!  Also thank you to Eddy Dines, George's son-in-law for all his help today.
I can't thank Buzz, Jean, and Larry enough for preparing & serving all the food today!
Sean writes us a check for his membership with his wife Joyce giving her approval.
Every year we pay our club dues at the Jim Creek Cleanup.  Dues are $75 for your first
year and $50 a year every year after.  Unless you are Lucky like George who won a
yearly membership free at our Christmas Party.
I think Jean has the cutting edge, is she using it on the flames?  Thanks Jean, Buzz, and
Larry.  You are a hard working trio!!!
A table full of all the door prizes that were donated to us.  Thank you to all our generous
Alaska businesses.
Look like this winner is happy!  Thank you to Steve for announcing all these prizes and
keeping the prizes organized.
Just one of the many helmet given out today.  Thank you Danielle for your hard work in
making this possible.  To see all the helmets given to kids today go to the
Helmets-For-Kids Gallery on our club website  
Allen won these pants and generously gave them to this young man.
Wow, he likes his new safety vest.
More happy winners!
Tim, George an Eddy loading trash.
Larry and "The George and Diane Show" did the bulk of the preparation this year and they did a hell of a
good job!

Buzz and Jeane working the grill, Larry testing new grey hair treatments, George and Tim at the dumpsters,
Diane working the table, Danielle with the Helmets for Kids - Thanks guys, you made this work this year!
And everyone who came out to help, you did it again, brought more people, brought in more trash.

It is your area and it is getting better and better - because YOU make it that way - My thank you to you all!  
Enjoy the riding out there, you earned it.To the Donors - I am always amazed at the support we get from you
every year!  Thanks again!

Larry, Thank You!


Alaska ATV Club - ARL
PO Box 140802
Anchorage AK 99514
Mike likes this ride.
Daisy takes the lead from Treenotch.
Our most grateful Thank You goes to Alaska Valve & Fitting who donated the food for today's
BBQ.  They are a very generous Alaska business and have donated the food every year.