Alaska ATV Club

Jim Creek Cleanup

May 22,  2010
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Dianne (me), Savnnah and two new helmet kids.
Molly and Kathy
Larry, Rich and George bring in heavy trash.
Mike's happy we brought in another car.
Mike and Lisa
Another junk car out of Jim Creek.
Me  - August 1, 2009
Joal , Sean, and George unloading a mattress.
Sign up Table with Darlene, Chris and Russ working
Spring Jim Creek Cleanup
at the New Knik River Public Use Area (otherwise known as Jim Creek)
May 22, 2010 - 10AM until 4 PM
Sign in at the Pavilion Parking Lot (10.5 miles north on the Old Glenn Hwy/Knik River Rd from the New Glenn Hwy turnoff, turn east (right) on Sullivan Ave (toward Raceway Park) 1.25
miles, parking area on the right)
Feeding the Alaska Military Youth Academy who cleaned the bridge area today.
Free Helmets for Kids Program today.
Having Fun.
Prize Winner
Looks like rain, but no rain came today
George and helpers.
Larry fitting kids with free helmets.
Jim lifts a washing machine he brought in from the dunes.
Steve and Jennifer
George hold the door open for more large garbage.
Two well behaved dogs.
Cooking is fun.
Thanks to BP for donating yellow trash bags.
Joal working hard.
ATV Club Members Rich, Joal Rich, Larry, and George working the dumpsters all day today.
Powerful Pull
Everyone is checking their ticket numbers for the drawings.
Three generations cleaning today, Jeff, David, and Dave.
Junk car out of Jim Creek.
The fourth dumpster full.
Everyone gets a trash bag.
A day  with friends and family - worked a little, played a little, met new people or old friends and enjoy a fun and rewarding day!  We supplied the bags and trash disposal; you brought
your gloves, your family and friends, sense of humor and favorite way to get around the area!  Everyone who collected a bag of trash was entered in the Door Prize Drawing and got a
plate at the BBQ.

Cleanup started at 10 AM, the BBQ started at 2:00 PM with the Door Prize Drawing at 3 PM.

Last year 375 volunteers collected 905 tons of trash at the Spring Jim Creek Cleanup.  This year 400 or more people to came out and helped.  This Cleanup has in the last 7 years
collected 80 tons of trash from this area.  The great part is that the first year 50 of us collected over 14 tons, and every year since we have more people helping, and are not collecting
more trash.  We are making a difference, a huge difference!  The first year we worked with rakes and shovels, last year some people had to really scramble to fill a trash bag!  
People are noticing that ATVers are the ones spending their time and working at making it a better place.

But we aren't the only ones working.  The local 4X4 truck clubs; Alaska Extreme 4X4, To Broke To Play and others like the Alaska Outdoor Access Alliance, and local businesses
like Premier Earthworks and Miller Enterprises, have worked at hauling out the "heavy metal" junk cars for the last few years and we are hoping they show up again this year.

Notice a trend here?  The people the "antis" are saying are destroying the place are the ones putting real effort into making it better.  Lets keep it up!