Knik Glacier Face

April 24,  2010

ATV Club Ride
Copyright  2010        ©   Dianne Roberson.   All rights reserved.
Hi Guys!
Larry points the way.
George driving through.
Approaching the glacier.
Bob walking the ice before we attempted to cross.
Wet trails in the woods, Larry leads us through high water.
We made it to the glacier today.
Me, also known as Dianne, or AlaskaArtist
George, also known as Gab
Larry, also known as Rockhound.
Ron cooking hot beans, also known as Ronofknik.
John and wife, also known as Love 2 Ride.
Today's Alaska Club Riders, left to right:  John & wife, George, Rich, Rob, OJ, Ron, Dianne, and Larry.