Eureka Prospecting

June 4 - 8, 2011
Copyright  2011        ©   Dianne Roberson.   All rights reserved.
Larry finds fresh bear paw prints.
Prospecting trip to Eureka on June 4 thru June 8, 2011.  Larry and I parked our atv trailers, his truck, and my motor home at the trail head about mile 132 of the Parks Highway.  We hooked up the
dredge trailer to Larry's Honda and then hooked up the camping equipment trailer to my RZR.  We started off early in the morning with nice weather.
Muddy trail.
Sunday it snowed.  We didn't plan on snow on June 5th.
Snow on the trail.
Larry putting the dredge together.
We were on top of the world looking down at the new snow on the distant mountain tops.
We have got to dig our way through.  Larry says we can't go back.
Setting up our campsite.
Larry cooking breakfast.
Me in my RZR.
Daisy plays while Larry works.
Larry does the first screening.  I began screening the second time with a smaller screen.
We made it to the top with all our gear.
Larry checking our gear out.
Larry survived Dianne Hendrix!  He says he wants a bumper sticker saying that.  Oh well,
what did he expect with an Alaskan Sour Dough and a Georgia Peach on a trip like this?
Glacier view.
We started off with beautiful weather.
Caribou on the way to the dredge.
I had to try dredging.  It is hard work!
Me on June 4, 2011
Larry is full of mud.  Mud from my RZR sprayed him and his Honda all the way up the steep
climp as I pulled him with my RZR two times up the mountain towing a trailer behind his Honda.
Trail info:

There are a number of water holes along the trail with numerous muddy bypass routes around them. The best way through for most ATVs is just to go straight
through the middle of the water. None of them are too deep and the bottoms are generally fairly hard. Just go slow the first time through. The back side of
monument has some pretty steep grades near the bottom end. Not a good place to be stuck with an overheated engine. Take advantage of the river at the
bottom to wash out your radiator real good before climbing the mountain. The river (Little Nelchina) is usually crossable in water height but has a swift current
which is the limiting factor. Try to cross at a slightly down stream angle to go with the current not against it.

Trail coordinates:
Parking Lot  N61-57.6                  Little Nelchina River  N 62-06                            Monument MT.   N62-04.0
           W147-07.5                                           W147-18.7                                                W147-17.9

Four corners N62-01.7                 Horse Pasture         N62-07.3                           Crooked Creek     N62-02.8
            W147-13                                             W147-38.1                                                W147-14
Here is a map showing the trailhead parking lot location. It is at MP 130 on the Glenn Highway just 2 miles past the Eureka
Lodge and on the north side of the highway. It is a big area with plenty of space for many campers. The trail starts from the far
SW end of the parking area.  If you haven't been riding up there I would recommend taking a GPS or compass and good map.  
There are quite a few trails if the visibility goes away you could find yourself going in circles (big circles but circles just the
same).  It is a great place to ride!

GPS coordinates for the parking area are:   N 61-57.6
                                                          W 147-07.5