Eureka, Alaska

Alaska ATV Club

July 3,  2010
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Eureka Trails from campground - Kathy & Rich - July 3, 2010
Eureka Campsite Mile 130 Glenn Highway
Eureka Trails from campground - Dianne - July 3, 2010
Eureka Trail
Me staying dry
Tom following Joyce
Joyce driving
Monument View
Rich with Tom on yellow ATV
Dan/Treenotch pulling me out of mud got stuck so Alaska Dan is pulling Treenotch out.
Sean pulling winch cable with Kathy and Amanda stuck in the mud
Rapid river current forced Tom up bank.
Dan - Treenotch
Rich and Kathy
Dan in water
Rich and Kathy

After trip report:

When will the weather give us a break? It was rainy and windy most of the time, exception being Friday afternoon when Dan and I went up to monument for a great ride in nice
weather. Saturday 7 rigs were on the ride up to monument, down the backside, across the Little Nelchina river and a short way north up the trail to Tyone Creek. (Where SR
proceeded to get us all mired and stuck in mud) We turned around and hightailed it back up to the top of monument to be greeted by a rain shower, so no lunch break even. Came
home Sunday morning and the weather was windy but clouds were breaking up, may have turned out to be a nice day later on.