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August 30 thru September 3 ,  2012
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Denali Highway Campground  - August 30, 2012
Copper Mine Trail - September 1, 2012
Dianne & Daisy   -   September 1, 2012
Copper Mine Trail Riders
Look at all that mud down there.
Tony, Britney and Pam
Thomas and Lanette
Dan, Kevin, Lisa, Treenotch (Dan) and Brenda  -  Dan has cerebral palsy and he still loves to
ride.  Read Dan's story at  
Dan's Blog
Thanks to Treenotch (Dan & Lisa) we had a big camp fire every night.
Brenda and Beverly

After trip report:

Despite all the bad weather we had three awesome trail rides. Due to my motorhome problems, I missed the Friday ride. I left Palmer at 9 am Thrursday morning, my motorhome
caught fire at mile 155 on the Parks Hwy about noon. Thanks to Davesgone & Slippen-n-Slidden, who were right behind me, we were able to put out the fire but not before my
transmission was damaged. With no cell phone reception, we were stuck until a forest ranger stopped. He called a tow truck in Wasilla. The others continued on to Denali at my
insistance. The tow truck didn't have a hitch the right size for my black atv trailer so I had to leave that on the side of the road with Beverly & Daisy watching it. It was 2 am before the
tow truck got me and my motorhome to the auto shop in Butte. It is still there waiting a new transmission. I went back to my cabin and got my red truck, grabbed my stuff out of my
motorhome and picked up my black trailer with a much stressed friend and dog about 6 am Friday morning. We drove to Denali and arrived in the afternoon. Sleepless for over 36
hours, I just crashed in my little tent cot. It was raining.

The next morning akdan told me they had went on a ride Friday. Akdan, Slippen-n-Slidden (Rich & Lisa), Gab (George), Davesgone (Dave) and Treenotch (Dan & Lisa) said they
had a good ride with light rain. Saturday morning we, 7 machines and 11 riders, road the Copper Mine trail. Despite the misty rain and grey skies it was a great ride. That evening we
had a pot luck bbq and big campfire during which I cried for all the food, utinsels, etc still in my motorhome. A couple of beers later I was laughing at myself! The rain stopped for a
few hours and we had a great social evening. New riders, Pat, Tony, & Britney, Lanette & Thomas, Brenda, Kevin, and Dan filled us in on their lives and riding stories. Super X (Brad
& Carla) said he would lead the ride to Snodgrass Lake Sunday.

Sunday we braved the bad weather again, but for a super good ride. This trail was wet, lots of mud, ruts, and water. No problems getting through it, and the skies cleared up in the
afternoon for a few hours. By evening the misty rain returned with high winds. We enjoyed another bbq and campfire. Thanks to danielf99645 (Treenotch) for all the fire wood. Monday
afternoon was still windy, cold and rainy as we headed for home.

This was one of the Shittest trips I have been on! It's really been a rough summer for me. I'll be ready to go again in the spring. Denali still has the best riding trails and scenery. We
were all glad we came and managed to laugh and ride. That's what it is all about!  Oh, Joal & Margaret stopped by for a chat.


Today, Wednesday September 12, 2012, I have my motorhome fixed.  She had to have a new transmission and new brakes + a towing package. however she is now back at home
and ready to go.  Since she emptied my wallet and the snow is coming, I will not be going far until spring.    Just Knik Glacier Rides across the bridge for the winter.
Tony is cooking Dump Cake over the camp fire.
akdan and Beverly
Snodgrass Lake Trail
At the top of the mountain overlook, beautiful view but not today, just fog.
Dianne & Daisy
Tony, Pam and Britney
SuperX (Brad and Carla)
Dan and Brenda - Kevin works hard to keep them rolling!  Dan's Blog
The Treenotches (Dan and Lisa)
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