Alaska ATV Club

Denali, (Mt. McKinley) Alaska Ride

September 16 - 19,  2011
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Dan (Treenotch) and his wife Lisa
Just what i need out here, an outhouse!
Denali (Mt. McKinley)
Lisa, Dave, Brad, Treenotch (Dan), & Alaska Dan by the campfire
Willow Ptarmigan  Our  Alaska state birds
Brad, Lisa, Dan & Beverly
The long way down.
Dianne & Daisy
Denali Ride  ATV Club Riders:  Dianne, Brad, Dave, Alaska Dan, Beverly, Treenotch and Lisa.
Dianne (me) and Beverly
Dan (Treenotch), Beverly, and Dave
Dianne & Daisy
Alaska Dan driving out from Roosevelt Lake
A Red Fox was watching us at lunch
Treenotch (Dan), Brad and Dave
I was really cold.  Glad I took all my winter gear.
A moose and her calf were watching us eat lunch at Roosevelt Lake.
The fall colors are awesome and there are hundred of miles of trails to ride.  We didn't have any problems with the hunters due to the huge area.  No
gas available after Cantwell, so bring extra cans of gas for each day you want to ride.  Bring firewood!  No cell phone reception!  The campsite has a
magnificent panorama view.   The water over  the roads in the photos are made by creeks and have rock bottoms, no mud holes where we will drive
our campers & trailers.

Directions from Wasilla:
Take the Parks Highway out of Wasilla to Cantwell.  Cantwell is 169.9 miles from Wasilla.  I left Wasilla at 11am and arrived in Cantwell at 2:45pm
(stopping for photos & lunch).  Cantwell is mile 210 Parks Hwy.  The last gas available is the Tesoro Station open 8 am to midnight.  $4.50 a gall on
for unleaded gas.  Turn right onto Denali Hwy which is just across from the Tesoro Station.

The Denali Hwy turns into a gravel road very soon after leaving the Parks Hwy in Cantwell.  Speed limit is 40 miles an hour.  About mile 80 of the
Denali Hwy is the Susitna Bridge.  It is 53.3 miles from Cantwell.  It is a narrow bridge, so wait for any oncoming traffic to clear the bridge.  Turn left
on the first road after the bridge.  It is .3 mile from the end of the bridge and has a stop sign facing south so you see the back of the stop sign.  This is
where I put the first ATV Club sign & ribbons.  

Drive this road 7.6 miles to a big campground on the left side with a great view.   All camping is free!  No water except in the creeks & rivers.  Last
week it was 54 degrees in the day time and 40 at night with sunshine.  We did not need heat in our campers, but we did need gloves, warm hats,
and winter coats.

Children and pets have plenty of space to run and play without getting run over.  Everyone is invited!!!  I am hoping to make this a yearly adventure to
Denali.  I will ride the trail to the Copper Mine Saturday and  ride the trails across the Susitna Bridge on Sunday.  Monday is for the drive back home.
 This trip is truely worth the time and money it requires.