Alaska ATV Club

Boulder Creek , Alaska Ride

August 1,  2009
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Chickaloon Trail - August 1, 2009
Dan and Larry
Riding the rail
View from the Top August 1, 2009
Time Out
Lunch Break at the hunters camp
Me  - August 1, 2009
Boulder Creek via Chickaloom Trail August 1, 2009
Great Ride!  Great weather, low creek .  The trailhead we use is just at the top of the hill past Puriton Creek (Mile 89 on Glenn
Highway).  There is plenty of parking on the turnout there.  Camping should be available at Puriton Creek just before the trailhead
turnout.  The puriton creek turnout is fine for overnight camping but can be hard to turn around in with a trailer. We meet at the large
open parking area at the top of the hill past puriton creek. The GPS coordinates for the large parking area next to the highway are:
61-48.3 and 148-05.2    Tthere is a sign there saying Puriton Creek Trailhead and there are Porta-Cans also.
Alaska ATV Club Riders today.
Larry showing Dan the marine fossil he found today.  
Mike looking for the bottom?
Following the creek
Looks like rain, but no rain came today
Alaska wildflowers