Bald Mountain near Talkeetna, Alaska

April  2014
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Wayne and his daughter Carlson
riding the trail
Machine maintenance
Wayne and me
Loading the building materials and an easy chair for the cabin on sleds
Where: About 10 miles north of Talkeetna -  near Bald Mountain.
It has been a long time but I am finally riding again after breaking my nose two months ago.  Never knew a broken nose could be so painful and cause me
not to sleep for weeks.  I couldn't breath when I laid down so had to sleep in a lounge chair.  I had two black eyes to and trouble with eye strain for weeks.  
I am wearing a full helmet now when driving a machine and going slower too!
Cabin is heated by a wood stove, much wood chopping.
having fun
Almost dark and starting to snow again.
That's me under the helmet
Me and Michaelle